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Well, thanks Tron! Now what do I do?

So I went to see Tron: Legacy the other night. What did I think? I enjoyed it. Plot-wise it wasn’t really up to much, but then I really didn’t think it needed to be. I mean, logically, it had massive similarities to the first film, at least in the sequences. The light cycle game, followed by an escape, the chase to the centre of ‘town’, on  the light transport thingy, etc. I didn’t care though!

Watching this and also Gren Hornet, both in 3D makes me really want all movies to be done this way. The transparent levels and the visuals in general, are quite brilliant. The CGI for Jeff Bridges, was also amazing. It looked like they’d filmed those scenes 20 years ago.

However, watching the movie has had another impact on me. For a start getting home, I glanced up at a nearby building, that has a vertical colour stripe on the side and I saw this

So the question was…Had I made it home, or was I somewhere on the grid? The main effect it’s had on me is that I’m desperate to get back into serious programming. Movies like this always have this effect on me. I guess I can never get rid of the techie inside, no matter what.

Of course, I don’t have time to do everything that I’d like, working a regular job and all, but maybe my regular job needs to cover one of my interests? Maybe I need to re-incorporate my techie leanings back into work.

I’ll need to do something, as I can only have the time to write, or to code in my spare time, so which will it be?

Currently, I’m writing a double episode of ‘Star Patrol’, for John-Paul Atley, which is likely to be the finale of the web series. The web series itself, launches with a preview this month and it’s set to be a great escape back to the 70’s style Sci-Fi series. If you read this JP, don’t worry, I’ll be finish it 😛 I won’t be quitting writing just yet, plus it’s a great project to be a part of. You can join the FB fan page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Star-Patrol-Film-Fan-Page/175448339135207 and there’ll be a Twitter profile soon.

There are also 3 full feature scripts in my head, or in note form and I think i need to get them out of my system!! So I think, as I’ve been typing I’ve come to a conclusion, or at least a plan. Re-work my techie/nerdness back into my job and continue writing in my spare time? I think that’s it, but let’s see how that pans out.