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Are we asleep, when we’re asleep?

Weird question, right?

Are we asleep, when we’re asleep? Is there actually something that we consider sleep? It’s been bugging me recently, mainly due to thinking about how we seem to know, when we’re asleep, what the time is. How do we wake up 2 minutes before the alarm goes off? Aside from obvious answers, like our brain being an ultimate calculator, how do we do that?

More recently, since moving to Amsterdam, I haven’t been doing that, however. I used to wake up just before the alarm every morning, back in England, but not now. Now I wake up at 4am…on the dot. Something’s waking me up, right? Pipes? A ghost? I’ve been dreaming more too. How do you know, when you’re asleep, that you’re dreaming? Have you noticed how, in a vital part of your dream, like an announcement being made (Trying to be clean here!), does the alarm go off? It ALWAYS interrupts? I get noises, light changes etc affecting a dream, or thoughts you have before you drop off, but timing a dream, so that seemingly the main reason for it, gets interrupted by the bloody alarm?

Are we asleep, when we’re asleep? Not in the same way that we think, I think. It’s probably just one of our many personalities taking control, an alternate ‘us’ taking it’s time at the helm. It’s not sleep…It’s dimension jumping. Phew!! Glad I sorted that out! Now…off to sleep.