Hi, Eamon here, welcome to my ‘Blog’. It’s a mix of work-related stuff, food stuff, like recipes and restaurants, film stuff, such as films that I have and will be working on and also general thoughts.

Please have a wander around the different sections, but beware, they may be some harsh language in places!

I’m an award winning Screenwriter/Producer and Program Manager currently based in Amstrerdam. I’m also on Twitter, @writefilmdesign, and my Food profile @SilverPlates and Facebook (www.facebook.com/eamon.wyse) so feel free to add/follow me on those. I’m also on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3330633/

If you’d like to contact me about writing/tech/film/food, or whatever, please do: ebjwyse@gmail.com



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