Gaming Consoles, Past to Present

So, following my blog about remembering the computers that I used to have, here’s a similar piece about consoles. Game playing was always a big part of life, when i was younger and I suspect it was the same for the majority of the people reading this. Aside from home computer games, the console has always been a weapon of choice to most avid gamers. Way back when, I had my parents to thank for my first console.

The Philips G7000 was the first console that I had. It didn’t really take-off, which is actually a shame, because it also had programming capability.

Of course, one of the big flaws of programming in ‘basic’ on this machine, was that there was no available media to store the programs – oops! The games came in the form of ‘Videopac’ and were very familiar for any gamers at the time. Munchkin (Pacman), Space Monster (Space invaders), Satellite attack (Asteroids),  and Freedom Fighter (Defender), were not the best graphically, but had great gameplay.

Next up, was an Amstrad GX4000, which wasn’t around for very long, but provided some great entertainment. It was also shaped like a space ship, as they showed in the commercial. Oh, how commercials have changed since then!!!

Burnin’ Rubber was the first game I had on that and racing games are always a blast and was followed by games like Batman and Robocop 2. At the same time, I bought a Gameboy, which I used a lot more, especially as I loved Mortal kombat and it was a great representation on the Gameboy.

I had other games on the Gameboy, but it was that one that pretty much wore out the keys.

Moving on from the GX4000, however,, I had a Sega Mega Drive. I had a first edition, but then swapped out for a new Mega Drive 2, complete with Mega CD. The CD extension made it a little bit more interesting, as it provided games like ‘Night Trap’, which included video footage and also Final Fight, which was a much played game for me.

In addition to the Mega CD and a little jealous of the beter consoles coming out, I picked up a 32X. Essentially, the 32X, made the regular 16bit Mega Drive, a 32bit unit and there were some great additional games, Virtua Fighter being my favourite and Corpse Killer, which made use of both the 32x and the Mega CD, was great as well.

Much as I got great use of the Mega Drive, I succumbed and upgraded to a Sega Saturn. There were other consoles out there at the time, but I was a big fan of the Sega games, so this was my only choice, in my opinion.

The Saturn had a full 32-bit version of Virtua Fighter and Virtua Fighter 2, along with Virtua Racing. It also had Sega Rally, which I loved and an array of Sonic the Hedgehog games. I thought it was a great console, but it generally struggled to compete against the Sony Playstation and for the number of available games alone, I bought a Playstation as well.

Gran Turismo and Spyro the Dragon (Spent hours guiding that little fella around), were the most used I think, along with the latest incarnations of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. At this point, all was good in the console world.

This is the time where I kinda skipped a generation of consoles. My next machine was a lot more recent and was an XBOX 360. Loved playing it, but I really wasn’t able to use it a huge amount, so it sort of gathered dust. When it was used, it would be for Forza, in 2 player mode, or perhaps Fifa.

It was a shame that I didn’t really use it that much and also a shame that I sold it, as I seem to have more time at my disposal now. However, I do have a console; The Wii. Bit of a step down graphically, however, the gameplay is just superb. Even the Wii Sports games get a run out with this thing. Tennis, bowling, Archery, the whole lot.

The House of the Dead games are fantastic, with the controllers being used together to make up the laser gun that I was oh so familiar with, from the arcades. The other ‘games’ that are very popular are ‘We Sing’ and ‘We Sing: Robbie Williams’ – Yup, I’m afraid so, we howl into those microphones, like banshees. Believe me, the irony in the title, isn’t missed on us, ‘We Sing’ is not what actually happens.

So I’ve had a good run of consoles and I’d imagine that the Wii will carry on being played regularly. It’ll be interesting to see what’s going to come out next. Until then, we’ll have aching arms, while the neighbours have aching ears.


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Award Winning Screenwriter/Producer and Production Director @writefilmdesign

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