Dropping Birds, TV shows and Impending Doom

So, it’s been an odd 10 days since we entered the new year, right? I can’t believe that it’s just me thinking this. Let’s take a look at the events already past.

First, birds have been dropping from the sky at an alarming rate, across several countries. Now, I’d usually just think it was just one of those things, but with all the talk of ‘2012’ etc. I thought a little hard about it. There was something about it that rang a bell. ‘Flash Forward’…that was it, the experiments in the TV show, caused birds to fall out of the sky!! Just quickly, did anybody else watch that show? As @Nikki_Griffin (Follow her on Twitter, BTW) pointed out to me, obviously not, as the show was cancelled, so I’ll continue. Does this mean that we’re embarking on a year where things from TV and film will come true?

Let’s look at where we are with that. Star Trek? We have those doors that automatically open and the PADDs that they used (iPad), right? Star Wars, we have robots, right? Well sort of. We now have cars that talk, we have space ships, okay shuttles and those Virgin Galactic thingies on the way and we’re off to Mars soon. And NOW we have birds dropping out of the sky, like Flash Forward. What’s next? People with superpowers? People being chased by Polar Bears across Hawaii? Oh, it’s all gonna happen in 2011, you just wait and see!

Issue is, with the birds dropping, crabs and fish washing up dead, it’s more likely that this is apocalyptic shit. Not a good time to move to Amsterdam and live in the docklands area. Any tidal wave and we’ll be swimming with the mermaids (I’m assuming they’re going to turn out to be real too).

So, what do we do? Do we sit at home, scared to go out and get bird-rained on? Do we worry that Sylar is after our powers (You KNOW we have them!)? Nah, I say we ignore the impending doom and get to writing our dreams down. Get it all filmed and watch that shit come true.

Happy New year!


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About Eamon Wyse - Award Winning Screenwriter/Producer and Production Director @writefilmdesign

Award Winning Screenwriter/Producer and Production Director @writefilmdesign

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