Recent-ish Work

From a digital marketing perspective, here’s some of the projects I’ve been a producer on, over the last few years. The latest work is at the top and I’m just showing the highlights here.

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

The new Vodafone Mercedes McLaren racing site, which I produced for Pirata London and Work Club. The site is built with a combination of PHP, JQuery, Embedded Fonts, MySQL, Zend Framework and Doctrine . The pages themselves are dynamic and we’ve used a slightly different angle on content management. McLaren can give every item (Article/Video/Image etc) a ranking and relevance to every page and this is used to determine if an item is relevant to a page and where it should be displayed on the page, dependent on the ranking.

In addition to the dynamic pages, there is a live dashboard for every practice, qualification and race. The dashboard includes live telemetry from the car, live commentary from trackside and from mission control and a live 10 second still image feed from the garage. Check out the screen shots below and the website at the URL above.

O2 Joggler

Nice little video to show what the O2 Joggler can do. I produced this for AIS London. Check out the video –

Weetabix – Inside Google

A nice little piece, showing Weetabix’s take on what happens when you run a search in Google. This was for Stink Digital.

House of Cards

This was a great little project for Shelter, whilst working again for Stink Digital. This was a flash-based gallery of celebrity concepted and created playing cards, that would be auction for the Shelter charity.


A project for Euro RSCG, which was the re-design and rebuild of the Jaguar website. The site was a flash build and included a fully functional flash 3D car configurator. Take a look at the images below and check out the confidurator here:

Renault TV

Fully scheduled Internet TV channel, which has a matching Satellite TV station. I worked on this for Lemon Digital and it was built on Zend Framework, MySQL and Lucene Search. Along with the scheduled programmes and video on demand, it’s also used to showcase the latest Renault cars.

Rimmel London

This was a complete re-design and rebuild of the Rimmel London website. This included plenty of video pieces and some nice flash work. The site won a distinction at the Webby Awards. This was for RMG Connect.

Tourism Ireland

Also at RMG Connect, there were a couple of nice projects for Tourism Ireland, namely Discover St. Patrick and O’Mara’s. The former was a great website, allowing the user to hunt down hidden images of St. Patrick, so that they could enter a competition. The O’Mara’s project was both Facebook and viral video based. For this one I produced the sites, but also ran as DoP, Producer and Editor for the videos. You can see the other videos here:

The Mystery of O’Mara’s Facebook group

Discover St.Patrick

Though the Rihanna tour has ended, it provided some good entertainment online. The Nokia live event won a few awards, the latest being the BT Digital Music awards’ Best live event. There was some interesting stuff on the Nokia based site, including a Mobile App, an online widget and the tour tracker, where you could follow Rihanna around her tour. I haven’t posted about the work up until now, but here it is.



About Eamon Wyse - Award Winning Screenwriter/Producer and Production Director @writefilmdesign

Award Winning Screenwriter/Producer and Production Director @writefilmdesign

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