Playboy Press Release!

This is amazing!! Playboy’s latest product press release, then one of my own 😉


LOS ANGELES, Feb 19, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Playboy and Play Beverages LLC are
thrilled to announce the launch of the ultra-sexy, incredibly invigorating
Playboy Energy Drink. With subtle notes of fruit and vanilla, this proprietary
formula contains ginseng root, guarana extract and damiana leaf, ingredients
that are believed to stimulate energy levels. Available in two varieties,
regular and sugar-free, Playboy Energy is now available in the Boston area and
will roll out to Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles this March.

“Playboy Energy was created to give consumers a taste of the lifestyle that has
always been associated with the Playboy brand,” says Sarah Haney, vice
president, licensing, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. Already creating buzz in
Hollywood, pre-launch cans were on-hand at exclusive events around town.
Celebrities were spotted drinking the not-yet-available beverage at summer
soirees including the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu.

“The functional beverage category continues to expand at light speed, and we’ve
seen many players both large and small emerge with new brands,” says Robert
Nistico, president of Play Beverages LLC. “The Playboy Rabbit Head Icon is among
the most recognized brand icons globally and affords us instant recognition and
credibility in this dynamic category – all of which will ultimately translate to
trial and repeat purchases.”

Playboy Energy Drink was introduced to college campuses earlier this year
through a promotional bus tour in Southeast markets, among them: Columbia, South
Carolina; Jacksonville and Tallahassee, Florida; Athens, Georgia; New Orleans
and Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Nashville, Tennessee; Tuscaloosa, Alabama;
Louisville, Kentucky; Dallas, Houston and Austin, Texas.

Playboy Energy Drink is packaged in an 8.4 oz. black can, made distinctive by
the famous Playboy Rabbit Head Design and colors denoting regular (glowing
orange) or sugar-free (glowing blue). Suggested retail price is $1.99 for an
individual serving, with multi-packs and a 16-oz. serving size on the horizon.

To keep your energy up for those long hard days in the ‘Grotto’?

What’ll be next? Here’s a preview of their marketing for the next range…

Why not try our new Playboy diet microwave meals and see what it’s like to live like a bleached blonde bunny! Choose from one of our fantastic new flavours ‘Air’, ‘More Air’ or ‘Fat-Free Air (TM)’, scientifically proven for weight loss. “We are on the bleeding edge of nutrition and health”, says Dr. Hugh Phelfadat, our scientific expert, “By combining natural resources with glamour, we are revolutionising the way people look at dieting, whilst giving everyday people the chance to feel what it’s like to live in the fast lane”.

The Playboy Diet Microwave Meal range. At only $299.99 each, you’d be a fool not to!

“Wow! Amazing Results” – Weight Watchers

“5 Thumbs Up!” – Inbred Weekly

“Honestly, there are at least 12 pages of sports commentary!” – The Sunday Sport

“I’m Hugh Hefner’s love child” – 1.3 Million people (Too many to list individually)

Disclaimer: Using Playboy products will not turn you into a Playboy bunny, nor will it make you more attractive to Playboy bunnies. Side effects may include; Extreme dizziness, extreme embarassment and hair folical bleaching. Playboy products should be used as part of a balanced diet.


About Eamon Wyse - Award Winning Screenwriter/Producer and Production Director @writefilmdesign

Award Winning Screenwriter/Producer and Production Director @writefilmdesign

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