Legalise Brothels?

There were three in the bed…

…and the little one said, ‘Let’s legalise Brothels!’

I was loitering around Hyde Park a few months ago, waiting to go into a meeting, when i started looking at a notice board. On the board I found the following notice:

Basically, it is a notice about Brothels and prostitution. Here in the UK the Home Office have put forward a bill to legalise Brothels of up to three Women. This is due to the fact that prostitution is not illegal if it’s carried out in a private home, as long as there is not more than one prostitute there. If there were more than one, that would be considered a Brothel, which is illegal. Due to dangers that could exist, the Government is saying that if they allow up to three Women together, they’d be safer and under less risk of harm. Hyde Park council are saying that this would be a disaster, as pimps would take over the Brothels, so they think licensing should be put into place.What’s next? A lap dancing and pole dancing carriage on every train, over or underground? I think I’ll write up a business plan! Remember, I thought of it first, don’t steal my idea!!!!! I mean, sure, James Leary and I sat on a Cruise ship and came up with an idea of putting a lap dancing club on every cruise liner (Yes that’s ours, keep off!), but this would cost less. Plus, on the underground the poles are already there, though there’s not much room for anyone to dance around them, being that people are packed in like Sardines! Just setup one empty carriage per train, charge an entry fee and limit the number of people. That’s it! What’s the Mayor’s number again?

Ideas aside, what about the Gigolos in all this? They might be afraid of getting hurt too, or being alone, but they’ll still have to work! If there are any Gigolos reading this, I’d get straight on the phone to the Gigolo union rep. Seriously, equal rights and all that!

‘Hello, is that the Gigolo’s union?’
‘No, this is Top Man’
‘Can I speak to the Gigolo Union rep please?’
‘No, this is Top Man, we sell clothes, you must’ve phoned the wrong number’
‘But I got it from 118 118!’
‘Okay, I’ll check for you…Hey Antonio, I think it’s for you’

Well you get the picture! I’ll save the full story for my new novel ‘Three little gigolos are we’

Disclaimer: The characters portrayed in this blog are fictional. Any similarity to real persons, living or deceased, is coincidental and not intended by the author. Any ideas mentioned within are the legal property of ‘Hello Vicar Ltd’ Copyright 2006.


About Eamon Wyse - Award Winning Screenwriter/Producer and Production Director @writefilmdesign

Award Winning Screenwriter/Producer and Production Director @writefilmdesign

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