I Had No Book To Read On The Plane.

I had no book to read on the plane.

Louise and I were at LAX recently, waiting for our flight back to dear old Blighty, when Louise mentioned that I should buy a book to read on the plane.

Realising that there was bugger all on the ‘Entertainment’ system on the way back home (American Airlines – Never again!), I decided this was a good idea.

Anyone that knows LAX will know there’s nothing really there…but there is a small bookshop, so I made my way across to it.

Whilst I was browsing, I overheard two Women talking about a book and in fact books in general. I won’t use their real names here, because I don’t know them,

however, if I did, they’d be plastered all over this blog!! We’ll call them ‘Lady1’ and ‘Lady2’ to be polite!!

So their conversation went something like this:

Lady1 (Picking up a book): Is this difficult to read? It’s got very small writing and I like books with big writing

Lady2 (Looking at the book): It might be. So you like big print then?

Lady1: Yes, rather than this chicken scratch!

Lady2: It’s a big book too, lots of pages to read!

Lady1: Yes, but I guess they had to squeeze all of the film into it

Now at this point something strange happened…I went deaf, with just my heartbeat audible. You now that cool/weird camera zoom/focus effect that they do?

Like when Roy Scheider is sat on the beach in Jaws and a shark appears in the water? There must be a name for it, I bet Dawson Leary would know!

Anyway…that’s what people would have seen if they were looking at me at that moment! Everything then slowed down as I noticed ‘Lady1′ turning the book over.

Two thoughts crossed my mind…’Please let it be a joke’ and ‘Please let it be a movie novelisation’, but no such luck!! The book was turned, revealing the title.

‘The Da Vinci Code’!!!

I felt the colour drain from my face…in a daze, I dropped the book I was holding (Another movie book…War and Peace!) and seemed to drift back to the departure lounge where Louise was waiting.

I had no book to read on the plane.


About Eamon Wyse - Award Winning Screenwriter/Producer and Production Director @writefilmdesign

Award Winning Screenwriter/Producer and Production Director @writefilmdesign

4 responses to “I Had No Book To Read On The Plane.”

  1. Leila says :

    That can I guess (I hope) only happen in America. Unbelievable. Human stupidity has no limits.

  2. Eamon says :

    Scary, right?

  3. Leila says :


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