Is it me, or is anyone else fed up listening to people bitch and moan about McDonald’s and other fast foods this year? Seriously! Even Prince Charles has been jumping on the bandwagon here in the UK, saying that we should ban them. There was a TV programme on the other month about a kid who was 14 stone, or something and yet again it’s kicked off a bunch of people bitching. Christ, blame the sodding parents for letting him get that size, not McDonald’s! “Oh, I don’t know why my son’s 14 stone!”…eeerrrrrr It’s because you feed him rubbish! I mean you’d have to be living on the Moon not to know that fast food might be fattening! In fact, there are probably two Martians having a picnic up there right now; “Have you heard? Fast food might be fattening!”, “No way Sherlockspolli, thanks for the scoop!”. Ever heard on freedom of choice? If you want to eat fast food, eat it! You know it’s probably bad for you, but it’s your choice. If you’re a parent, don’t constantly feed you kids shit! Is it not common sense? Fast food might be bad for you and it’s dangerous! We know! Now leave it up to us to decide if we want to eat it or not!


Dangerous? Sorry, unless I see a Big Mac firing off an Uzi, gang together with a Whopper and force feed themselves to an unsuspecting passer by, or maybe see one come careening out of left field, knocking someone out into the road to get twatted by a bus, I’m not going to think ‘Dangerous’ is an appropriate description. Now if I did see any of that, I may reconsider, or at least think it had anger management issues!

The only solution I see, is forcing fast food joints to put a big slot on their drive through walls, saying “Insert overweight children for refund”.

Disclaimer: No burgers were eaten during this blog. No children were eaten during this blog. I am not advertising Uzis, I really have no preference on the subject of automatic weapons. In case you were wondering, Sherlockspolli is the Martian for Sherlock (Not very inventive are they?). Just because I’ve mentioned children and ‘Dangerous’ in the same blog does not mean I have made a reference to Michael Jackson. In the use of the word ‘Christ’, I was not trying to offend any religious people, nor was I demanding that Jesus come down from on high and shout his mouth off about parents being responsible for their children. However, they are!



About Eamon Wyse - Award Winning Screenwriter/Producer and Production Director @writefilmdesign

Award Winning Screenwriter/Producer and Production Director @writefilmdesign

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